Arrange team work with shared data

Sprintometer can work in two modes: with local files like for example Microsoft Excel (local file mode) or with data stored in shared database located on public Sprintometer Server (server mode). In second case connection to Server via Web Services is used and it works from any location with Internet access.


For both modes and for registration on Sprintometer Server the same Sprintometer.exe binary file can be used.


For strict data security HTTPS connection to Sprintometer Server is used.


At any moment user can change from local project data storage to server mode and vice versa.


In server mode local files can also be used as backup of the whole project information normally stored in Sprintometer Server DB.


Registration on Sprintometer Server


To use server mode registration on Sprintometer public server should be done at first.


1.    Run Sprintometer.exe from location where Internet connection is available.

2.    Click ‘Settings’ icon in ‘Remote Server’ group of ribbon bar.

3.    In popup dialog ‘Server Configuration’ select tab ‘Connection’ and make sure the default link to public Sprintometer Server is provided:

4.    In the same tab make sure you have correct Proxy Server settings similar to Proxy settings in your Internet Browser.

5.    Switch to ‘Security’ tab of popup dialog and click button ‘Register New User’.

6.    In the new popup dialog type ‘Login’ and ‘Password’ of the new user and click to button ‘Register New User’.

7.    Copy the same ‘Login’ and ‘Password’ strings into correspondent fields of ‘Security’ tab of ‘Server Configuration’ dialog and set flag ‘Remember Login and Password on this PC’ to reuse it in future

8.    Click OK button of ‘Server Configuration’ dialog.

Important that user login name should be unique for Sprintometer Server.

User can change password later if necessary by using the same ‘Server Configuration’ dialog.


Assignment of users to a project on server


Creator of a project on Sprintometer Server has all permissions to the newly created project including permission to assign new users to it. In turn all users assigned to project will have all permissions too.

To assign a new user current user of project should know his/her unique login name used during registration to Sprintometer Server.


TIP: Usually project manager creates new project on server, registers all unregistered future project users on Sprintometer Server, assigns them to the newly created project and sends by e-mail login information to all project participants. Project users can change their passwords later if necessary.


Assignment of registered users to project on Server can be done by the following steps:


1.    Run Sprintometer.exe from location where Internet connection is available.

2.    Make sure you have correct Internet connection settings and ‘Login’/’Password’ in ‘Server Configuration’ dialog.

3.    Open an existing project from server by clicking to icon ‘Open’ in ‘Remote Server’ ribbon bar group or create a new project on server by clicking to icon ‘Save As’ in the same ribbon bar group after creation of project locally.

4.    Click to icon ‘Assign Project Users’. You will see list of already assigned users and now can assign new user if he/she is already registered on Sprintometer Server and you know his/her login name.

5.    IMPORTANT: Click ‘Save’ icon in ‘General’ ribbon bar group to submit new project assignments to Server.


TIP: Once you were registered on server and assigned to a project you should not type login/password every time you open a project from Sprintometer Server. Just click to icon in the left upper corner of application and select project from ‘Recently Opened Document’ instead.

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