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XP Extreme Programming, Agile methodology
SCRUM Agile methodology similar to XP but it defines more high level processes. Can be efficiently combined with XP
Perfect hours Estimation of coding or testing task assuming hypothetical ideal conditions for work
Load Factor Ratio of real time required for task implementation to original perfect estimation. Typically it varies from 2 till 4 for different people or teams
Team Velocity Number of perfect hours (or others estimation units) specific team can do during a work day
Planning Game Discussion between all team members and customer to clarify business requirements enough for further collective estimation by the team. Normally takes from 1 to 3 days
Sprint Planning Session In SCRUM it is very similar to XP Planning GameSprint Planning Session
Sprint Period of SCRUM projects to be planned and estimated during Sprint Planning Session. Normally lasts for 3 weeks
Iteration It XP equivalent of Sprint from SCRUM methodology. Period of XP projects to be planned and estimated during XP Planning Game. Normally varies from 2 till 4 weeks.
User Story Description of some relatively independent business requirement by customer as ‘black box’ functionality described from the point of view of end user
Task In SCRUM or XP project customer defines requirements as set of User Stories. In turn development team splits every User Story into low-level coding or testing tasks required for its implementation.
Change Request An additional task not present at the beginning of iteration but added to the current iteration scope during implementation

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