Summary report

Summary report is especially useful for development team because it contains all important parameters of Agile project together with predicted deviation from sprint/iteration end date calculated via extrapolation.


Usually Agile project manager during morning standup meeting informs team about the following important parameter from this report:


-    Work days left for current sprint/iteration

-    How many perfect hours (or other estimation units) developers and testers made during a previous day

-    How many perfect hours developers and testers should do today to keep project on track


Summary report


If project is an XP project and coding/testing resources are defined in ‘Resources & Budget’ tab then Sprintometer calculates ‘Load Factor’ for developers, testers and the whole team. By definition ‘Load Factor’ is a proportion between real time required for implementation of some work and estimation of this work in perfect hours. ‘Load Factor’ usually varies from 2 till 4 depending on team speed and professionalism.


‘Team Velocity’ is another important Agile parameter displayed in this report and by definition means number of perfect hours (or other estimation units) made by team daily.

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