Enhanced Burn-down

Classical Burn-down chart is located in tab ‘Scope Chart’ on Sprint/Iteration level.

User can switch between Burn-down for coding, for testing or for the whole development by clicking to radio-buttons below the chart.


Horizontal dash line indicates sprint/iteration original estimation. Yellow bars highlight scope of Change Requests appeared during sprint/iteration which is typical for XP project but tool allows them for SCRUM project also. Note that normally Change Requests during sprint are prohibited for SCRUM project.


Red solid line indicates extrapolation of Burn-down chart taking into account average scope closed daily during passed days and scope of left tasks. Note that Sprintometer supports variable team composition defined in ‘Resources & Budget’ tab on Sprint/Iteration level and therefore extrapolation can be different from straight line.


Additionally taking into account statistical dispersion of team velocity for passed days Sprintometer calculates and displays as white sector possible deviation of extrapolation assuming 95% confidence.


Enhanced Burn Down


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