‘Two level’ saving of data in right pane

To get maximum performance while working with application ‘two level’ saving of data is implemented in Sprintometer.


When you change data in right pane enabling of ‘Apply’ button located in the pane indicates that there are some unsaved modifications. However click on ‘Apply’ button changes only project data cached in memory but not project data in permanent storage which can be either local file or database if server mode of application is used. To commit all changes made during tabs edition to permanent storage user should click ‘Save’ button in ribbon bar.


Application will also prompt user to save modified data if any on document/application closing. Because of caching ‘Apply’ is a very quick operation while ‘Save’ can take longer time especially if server mode is used and your Internet connection is slow.


For faster user input click on ‘Apply’ button can be replaced by pressing of hot ‘Enter’ key while right pane has input focus.

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