In addition to agile tools Sprintometer Ltd. develops different innovative software products and one of it is Spectrider.


Spectrider is the first 3D high resolution real-time spectrometer for educational and scientific purposes. It can be used in any area where spectrum analysis of complex analog signals is required. Application uses highly sophisticated algorithms and strong code optimization to allow real-time spectrum analysis with record time and frequency resolution simultaneously with three dimensional spectrogram visualization.


Spectrider supports the following features:

- Three dimensional or colored spectrum visualization
- Number of frequency filters from 32 till 2019
- Dynamic signal range from 10 dB till 90 dB
- Sampling rates from 11025 Hz till 44100 Hz
- Different weighting functions (Hamming, Hann, Blackman, rectangle, triangle)
- Variable frequency range for spectrum analysis
- Colored or monochrome spectrum visualization mode
- Pause mode


Hot keys highlighted by underscores in parameter table can be used to control the application. You can additionally press CONTROL key together with a hot key to decrement correspondent parameter, by default increment of parameter by pre-fixed step will be done. User can press 'PrtScrn' key to copy current application screen to Windows buffer for the following paste and procession of the image inside any suitable editor.


System requirements:

Operation system: Windows XP or higher
Sound card: 16-bit with microphone or another analog signal source connected to its input. Use standard sound card mixer to select signal source and level.
For 3-dimentional spectrum visualization: Pentium IV or higher.
For 2-dimentional spectrum visualization: Pentium I or higher.

You can download free 10-days trial version from here.

You can purchase Spectrider here.

In case of questions or notes please contact us by E-Mail: main@sprintometer.com

Three dimensional audio spectrogram

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