Sprintometer v4.00 released for easy GUI translation

On April 8, 2010 version 4.00 of Sprintometer was released. Sprintometer is a freeware tool for management and tracking of agile (SCRUM, Extreme Programming) projects.


The new version supports easy translation of application GUI to any language. Just clone XML file in subdirectory 'Language' with mapping of English strings to national strings and translate the strings to a new language. At the moment full translation of GUI to Russian language is done as a sample.


Translations to national languages made by Sprintometer fans are highly appreciated; please send them to support@sprintometer.com and we will share your translation with others!


New version also fully supports unicode so you can use any national characters in SCRUM/XP project data like User Story names, Task Descriptions etc.


The application has some others features unique or rare for available agile tools:

- ‘Burn-down’ chart with statistical prediction
- Support for variable team size during a sprint (iteration)
- Support for both standalone and client-server mode
- Export to Microsoft Excel for all charts and spreadsheets
- Modern and user friendly GUI in Microsoft Office 2007 style
- Extremely quick application response time
- Powerful Undo/Redo


New Sprintometer version is available for free download from product web site www.sprintometer.com.

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