September 7th 2008 - final build of Sprintometer version 1.0

On September 7th 2008 final build of tool for SCRUM and XP projects’ management called Sprintometer was made for further publishing in Internet as a freeware.

Development of Sprintometer was done with participation of people who were working for many years in IT industry doing offshore Agile projects and they tried to include into the tool all experience they got to obtain a program they would like to use by themselves.

Originally Sprintometer was planned for internal usage only but later idea to support it as a freeware appeared.

Tool is provided "as is" and you can freely distribute Sprintometer and use it for tracking and managements of your Agile projects.

Any feedback about the tool and its functionality is highly appreciated and we will be doing our best to implement users' wishes in further Sprintometer versions.

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