19-Dec-2010: SCRUM tool Sprintometer Pro 6.00 allows concurrent team work with shared file

December 19, 2010 -- New version 6.00 of shareware tool Sprintometer Pro for SCRUM and XP projects management was released on December 12, 2010.

New version supports automatic merge of project changes done concurrently by team members while working in file mode without Sprintometer server usage. The merge occurs on saving of project data into a file shared between the team members for example located on mapped drive. Thus a simple shared file can be used as reasonable server alternative for convenient team work without concurrency conflicts and data loss.
Special sophisticated algorithms are used to support transactional update of shared file and automatic data merge in most cases. In rare cases when automatic merge is logically impossible a warning will be displayed and user can perform data merge manually.


Additionally new Sprintometer Pro version supports unique Three Dimensional Burn Down chart which allows instant understanding of the overall agile project status from a single screen. This is very useful when a big agile team in addition to programmers contains different types of specialists and their time should be estimated and tracked separately. Important that work distribution in 3D Burn-down presents work scope of different team specialists but not split of single developer work because in agile User Story should be developed as a whole with all required activities included.

3D Burn Down chart also includes automatically calculated extrapolation lines to predict dates of scope finish for work of different team specialists.


The application has others interesting features unique or rare for similar agile tools:

- Support for variable team size during a sprint
- Export to Open Office or Microsoft Excel for all charts and spreadsheets
- Separate tracking of development, testing and user defined work types
- Powerful multi-step Undo/Redo
- ‘Burn-down’ chart with statistical prediction
- Extremely quick application response time
- Unique support for both standalone and client-server mode by using the same client app
- Modern and user friendly interface in Microsoft Office 2007 style
- Runs under Windows 7, Vista, XP
- Sample SCRUM and XP projects are included

Sprintometer Pro client costs 45 USD per license including all taxes. One license has no time limitation and allows installation of client on 2 computers for example office desktop and notebook. All minor upgrades of Sprintometer Pro client are free of charge. You can buy Sprintometer Pro 6.00 here.


More information can be found online at http://sprintometer.com

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